18. 10. 2019

ASEKOL SK, partner for packaging and non-packaging products

ASEKOL SK, a producer responsibility organization, has been authorized for the ´packaging and non-packaging products´ specified stream and so, from 2020, it will offer complex extended producer responsibility to producers and it will become a comprehensive partner for separate waste collection for towns and municipalities.

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9. 9. 2019

European Battery Recycling Week – over 190 tonnes of batteries were recycled in Slovakia in 2018

As an initiative of ECOBAT, a European association of producer responsibility organizations for batteries and accumulators, the second week of September is now celebrated as the European Battery Recycling Week. Its aim is to raise awareness of the need to sort and recycle used batteries. In a short period of time Slovakia has improved greatly as far as battery sorting is concerned. As many as 191 tonnes of portable used batteries were collected in 2018, while more than 600 tonnes have been collected and recycled through ASEKOL SK since 2015.

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6. 3. 2019

In 2018 we recycled almost 7 million kilograms of waste electrical and electronic equipment

As a producer responsibility organization for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and batteries and accumulators (BA), ASEKOL SK collected and helped recycle more than 6.8 million kilograms of waste EEE and over 190,000 kilograms of used portable BAs in 2018. ASEKOL SK thus met the collection and recycling goals determined by the legislation applicable to EEE and BA producers and importers.

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7. 11. 2018

Recycle your old cell phone and win a tablet

RecycleGames – the largest educational program to support the collection and recycling of electrical waste and batteries in Slovakia arrived to the new school year with a new partner - Orange Slovensko - and a special SMS competition – “Starý Mobil Sem” (Bring your old cell phone).

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12. 10. 2018

October 13th – International eWaste Day

Every year, only 20% of the generated electrical waste is recycled in the world, whereas up to 80 percent of the material can be recycled from each electric appliance. Producer responsibility organisation ASEKOL SK invites you to the International eWaste Day with the main mission to promote recycling and to educate the general public on the correct handling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

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11. 10. 2018

ASEKOL SK at the FAST DAY 2018

On 10th-11th October 2018, the eleventh annual exhibition of consumer electronics and home appliances called FAST DAY 2018 was held in Zvolen. This exhibition also involved an interactive training which was intended for the professional public - retail customers and business partners of FAST PLUS s.r.o.

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10. 10. 2018

Humanity produces 50 million tonnes of electrical waste annually.

The International eWaste Day shall also help in the fight for recycling. The International Association of Electronic and Electrical Waste Collection Systems the WEEE Forum announced the 13th of October as the International eWaste Day. The initiative was joined by 20 countries, including the Slovak Republic, through ASEKOL SK, the only Slovak member. The main idea of this initiative is to promote the recycling of electrical waste and to educate the general public in this area.

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6. 9. 2018

Slovaks have collected almost 500 thousand kilograms of batteries

The first week of September was announced by the European association of national collection schemes for batteries EUCOBAT as the European Week of Battery Recycling. The purpose of this event is to raise public awareness of the need to sort and recycle used batteries. The Slovaks quickly learned how to handle the used batteries. Since 2015, the ASEKOL SK organization helped sort and recycle 495,278 kg of used portable batteries.

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3. 9. 2018

European Battery Recycling Week

Producer responsibility organisation ASEKOL SK, a member of the European Association EUCOBAT, is pleased to invite you to the European Week of Battery Recycling in Bratislava.

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25. 6. 2018

ECOcheese at the fabulous castle of Bojnice 13.-17. 2018 and 20.-24. 2018

Producer responsibility organisation ASEKOL SK become the partner of Fabulous Castle for the sixth time. This event took place at the Bojnice castle.

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