Distributors and service sites

ASEKOL SK offers to distributors and service sites for electrical appliances cooperation with the fulfilment of their waste-related statutory duties.

Any distributor who collects electric waste from its customers (piece against piece and/or in unlimited quantity) can cooperation with ASEKOL SK.

Benefits of cooperation

  • Financial remuneration – ASEKOL SK will reward you for every type of electric waste collected from you
  • Electric waste is disposed of free of charge. The collected waste is trasported within seven days since the order is placed
  • Collecting containers – we offer free-of-charge rental of collecting containers of different types

If you are interested in electric waste collection, our cooperation will have these steps:

  1. We will enter into an Electric waste collection agreement. You can request the agreement at [email protected] or via the phone: 02 / 3211 8805; 0948 200 851; 0948 405 520. 
  2. ASEKOL SK will register you and add to its collection network. You can start ordering electric waste collection from this moment.

Ordering transport of collected waste

Please send your order to: [email protected].

You can discuss everything regarding our cooperation with your respective regional manager. The collected waste will be trasported within seven days since the order is placed.