About us

ASEKOL SK is a producer responsibility organization established in 2010 by major producers and importers of electric and electronic equipment, batteries, accumulators, packaging and non-packaging products.

On behalf of producers and importers, ASEKOL SK organizes and finances a system of separate collection of waste from packaging and non-packaging products and its reuse and recycling as well as a nationwide system of collection, transport and processing of waste from electric and electronic equipment, used batteries and accumulators.

ASEKOL SK is the largest producer responsibility organization for portable batteries and accumulators and the largest producer responsibility organization for consumer electronics.  

ASEKOL SK’s Mission

  • Help society constantly increase raw-material independence, improve the condition of the environment and reduce the wasting of natural resources;
  • Help producers efficiently fulfil their social responsibility for end-of-life products;
  • Bring simple and affordable solutions and services to clients which will support their business activities;
  • Recycle all designated waste streams in a responsible manner and return the acquired raw materials back into production, thus closing the life cycle of products.

In 2019 ASEKOL SK was also authorized to perform PRO activities for packaging and non-packaging products. Together with providing PRO services for designated products of electric and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators, it provides comprehensive waste management services to its clients at one location.

Experience and know-how of international organizations:

As a member of international and local organizations, ASEKOL SK receives the latest information and knowledge about waste processing, recycling and transportation, which helps enhance the quality and optimisation of processes.

  • Coordination centre ELEKTROODPAD
  • Coordination centre KC OBALY
  • Coordination centre for batteries and accumulators KCBAA
  • Association of collective European organizations WEEE Forum seated in Brussels, 
  • Association of collective European systems EUCOBAT seated in Brussels, 
  • International WEEELABEX standards organisation WEEELABEX, 
  • Organization of collective European systems WEEE EUROPE.

Our branches in Europe:

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ASEKOL SK is rated by Dun & Bradstreet as a credible firm in 2022.