The separate waste collection

What is the separate waste collection process and who funds it?

A waste management company will collect the packaging waste from the recycling bins and transport it to a waste separation facility. The employees in the facility separate waste into garbage to be recycled and waste to be converted into energy. Such separated waste is then shipped to the receivers of materials who will recycle it.

Waste separation scheme

Each village, town and city has contracted a manufacturer responsibility company responsible for recycling packaging and non-packaging products. These companies collect packaging and non-packaging products from manufacturers to compensate the recycling-related costs of municipalities. The recycling process is run by waste management companies.

The latter means the manufacturer responsibility companies help the manufacturers and producers of packaging materials cover all costs incurred by waste collection, separation and recycling. This scheme has contributed to considerable budget savings for the municipalities. The more waste citizens separate, the lower are the municipalities’ costs for mixed waste disposal.