Municipalities and towns

Municipalities and towns

If a municipality does not have any collecting yard in its administration area, we offer an alternative method of electric waste collection: a mobile collection point.

If mobile collection shall be efficient, we recommend that municipalities (or micro-regions of municipalities) with more than 1500 or 2000 residents participate. Collection is organised through several collection sites in the municipality area. Assisted by appointed municipality staff, electric waste is loaded onto transportation trucks. To ensure smooth progress and organisation, mobile collection in municipalities must be agreed in advance with the regional manager. This will prevent uncontrolled damage and devastation of electric waste.

The Green Municipality project will allow towns and municipalities to easily improve the environmental quality for everyone. The majority of small items of electric waste (mobile phones, calculators, toys, keyboards, electric kettles, etc.) currently end up in mixed municipal waste.

The mission of the Green Municipality project is to reverse this trend and allow Slovak municipalities collect small items of electric waste and batteries and disposed of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

Towns and municipalities that join the project are entitled to the ” Environmentally friendly ” certificate for their responsible attitude to the environment and can use the “Ekologická obec ” logo.

Our offer

  • free-of-charge collecting container installation
  • fast and free-of-charge collection service
  • award of the ” Environmentally friendly ” certificate
  • provision of the ” Ekologická obec ” logo, e.g. for the website or information materials of the municipality
  • provision of leaflets and information materials
  • free-of-charge consultancy regarding electric waste and used batteries and accumulators

Contact our regional manager and negotiate individual terms and details of the mobile collection

  • Ing. Marián Ďurinda
    (Košice Region, Prešov Region, Banská Bystrica Region)
    Phone: +421 948 200 851
    E-mail: [email protected]