Municipalities and towns

Slovak municipalities and towns are important partners for ASEKOL SK in the collection of separated electric and electronic waste and used batteries and accumulators.

Towns usually delegate their participation competence on designated, subsidised town organisations and/or non-profit organisations such as Technical Services, Town Service Companies and/or the town’s own joint stock companies. Municipalities have been enjoying growing support with the establishment of collecting yards in their administration area. ASEKOL SK therefore offers cooperation from which both parties benefit. Municipalities can participate in the collection of electric waste, used batteries and accumulators.

Cooperation can be started based on a contractual relationship with the registered collective organisation ASEKOL SK, authorised by the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic. Commodities are collected from the collecting yards through a regional transportation company based on an order of the collecting yard provider sent to: [email protected]. Towns and municipalities that have started a contractual relationship with ASEKOL SK can enjoy many benefits – not only financial.


This cooperation is intended for Slovak towns and municipalities that collect municipal waste through a collecting yard.

By entering into the contractual relationship with ASEKOL SK, towns and municipalities have these benefits:

Project options

  • collection and ecological processing of electric waste and used batteries
  • financial benefit and motivation
  • installation of cage containers for storing small items of electric waste
  • provision of materials for awareness support

Benefits of involvement

  • reduction of costs which municipalities have with the collection, disposal and processing of electric waste and batteries collected in collecting yards (the electric waste collection system is financially covered by so-called mandatory entities, i.e. producers and importers of electrical appliances in Slovakia and their collective organisations that represent them)
  • financial reward (*) for the collection and pro-active attitude to the matter
  • quality and quick collection service within seven days since order by the entity
  • granting of the “Green Municipality” certificate and provision of project logo

(*) The municipality can authorise a third party (provider of a collecting yard) with the fulfilment of contractual duties. The municipality can remain the reward beneficiary or the reward can be paid directly to the third party based on an invoice on a quarterly basis. Financial rewards will be paid on the base of the actual amounts of electric waste and batteries collected and weighted on certified weighing machines of an authorised contractual partner of ASEKOL SK – processor.

Communication with regional manager

You can negotiate individual terms and details of the contractual relationship with ASEKOL SK with the collection network and regional cooperation manager:

  • Ing. Marián Ďurinda
    (Košice Region, Prešov Region, Banská Bystrica Region)
    Phone: +421 948 200 851
    e-mail: [email protected]

How to enter into an agreement

  1. Contact the collecting network manager who will give you relevant information on the contract and send its draft.
  2. If needed, the manager will visit you and discuss the contract content with you, give you advise and choose the best variant, customised to your needs.
  3. When approved, you sign and send the contract to the address of ASEKOL SK.