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From 1 January 2024 we are also ensuring compliance with the legal obligations for manufacturers of electric equipment in Germany

About us

ASEKOL SK s.r.o., is an authorized producer responsibility organization (PRO) for treating designated streams of waste from packaging, non-packaging products, electric and electronic equipment, and used batteries and accumulators. It has been providing comprehensive services in the area of waste management for over 13 years.

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12 642 TONNES
ASEKOL SK collected 12 642 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment waste in 2022.
Red and white containers for the collection of small electrical waste are already used by more than 20% of the population of Slovakia.
ASEKOL SK has more than 3 729 collection points all around the Slovak Republic and the number continues to rise.
ASEKOL SK is represented in executive bodies and the experts group of the international organization WEEELABEX.

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18. 10. 2023

Three Eiffel Towers of small e-waste every year

In waste management, the smaller the waste, the more likely it is to end up where it shouldn’t. For example, in the wild, in public spaces, in mixed municipal waste, i.e. unused in a landfill or incinerator. This rule also applies, of course, to electrical appliances or e-waste. What are the main problems associated with […]

E-waste collection is growing thanks to red-white containers

More than 263,000 kilograms of e-waste were collected in 2022 with the help of red-white containers, which are distributed in selected towns and villages in Slovakia. At the end of 2022, there were 323 red – white containers for the collection of small e-waste and waste batteries on the territory of Slovakia. This number of […]

13. 10. 2023

Proposal for EU regulation for batteries and waste batteries approved – reporting to member states

The Batteries and Waste Batteries Regulation contains a number of significant changes, including a change in reporting to Member States. The Regulation defines minimum data reporting requirements in Article 75. Both producers and producer responsibility organizations will have to adapt their record-keeping to the new requirements and report the newly required data in a new […]

Proposal for a regulation on packaging and packaging waste – labelling of packaging and waste containers

Late last year, the European Commission presented a proposal for a new packaging regulation, which brings with it a number of changes. Among them are new labelling requirements for packaging and packaging waste collection containers. In particular, the labelling changes relate to the introduction of an obligation to include a label on the packaging containing […]