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From 1 January 2024 we are also ensuring compliance with the legal obligations for manufacturers of electric equipment in Germany

About us

ASEKOL SK s.r.o., is an authorized producer responsibility organization (PRO) for treating designated streams of waste from packaging, non-packaging products, electric and electronic equipment, and used batteries and accumulators. It has been providing comprehensive services in the area of waste management for over 13 years.

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12 642 TONNES
ASEKOL SK collected 12 642 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment waste in 2022.
Red and white containers for the collection of small electrical waste are already used by more than 20% of the population of Slovakia.
ASEKOL SK has more than 3 729 collection points all around the Slovak Republic and the number continues to rise.
ASEKOL SK is represented in executive bodies and the experts group of the international organization WEEELABEX.

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14. 2. 2024

GREENWASHING – The Directive was adopted by EU Parliament

The Directive, which aims to protect consumers from false information and misleading marketing of products, was adopted by the EU Parliament on 17 January 2024. According to Directive the advertising should be more reliable and accurate, and it introduces a ban on the use of environmental claims such as ‘biodegradable, natural, environmentally friendly, eco-friendly or […]

Regulation on batteries and more you might not know

The Batteries and Waste Batteries Regulation is in force and replaces the previous Batteries Directive of 2006. The new Regulation places more emphasis on the environment in particular in connection with batteries. The Battery Regulation covers all batteries, namely portable batteries, industrial batteries, electric vehicle batteries, light-means of transport batteries and starter batteries. The first […]

26. 12. 2023

Reuse and repurposing of waste batteries and prevention of waste batteries

Under the regulation on waste LMT batteries, waste industrial batteries and waste batteries for electric vehicles, it will be possible to reuse or repurpose the batteries. In order to demonstrate that waste batteries have undergone preparation for re-use or preparation for repurposing and have therefore ceased to be waste, it is necessary for the holder […]

Littering issues in Slovakia

The amount of packaging waste is steadily increasing around the world, seriously damaging health, lives, the economy and the planet as a whole. It is precisely for this reason that the EU has decided to step in and tackle the problems associated with the increase in waste and the problems associated with fly-tipping. In 2019, […]