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ASEKOL SK s.r.o., is an authorized producer responsibility organization (PRO) for treating designated streams of waste from packaging, non-packaging products, electric and electronic equipment, and used batteries and accumulators. It has been providing comprehensive services in the area of waste management for over 11 years.

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11 315 TONNES
ASEKOL SK collected 11 315 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment waste in 2021.
Red and white containers for the collection of small electrical waste are already used by more than 15% of the population of Slovakia.
ASEKOL SK has more than 3 650 collection points all around the Slovak Republic and the number continues to rise.
ASEKOL SK is represented in executive bodies and the experts group of the international organization WEEELABEX.

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20. 1. 2023

We received the Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Award

In 2022, we received the “A” Company Credibility Award by Dun & Bradstreet, which based this certification on a unique evaluation model. ASEKOL SK s.r.o. also passed this inspection and we are glad to be among the trustworthy companies in Slovakia. Our goal at ASEKOL SK is to be a trustworthy company for our partners […]

Agreement on new European rules for batteries, their design, production and recycling

The European Parliament is preparing new rules on batteries regarding environmental burden, ethical and social issues, since they are becoming strategic products. The new rules are intended to cover the entire product life cycle, from design and consumption to recycling and use of new products. On 9 December, the Parliament and the Council reached a […]

Europe intends to promote the material reuse and packaging recycling

The following information is only a proposal of the European Commission, so the entire proposal must still pass the legislative process. The European Commission has proposed new EU-wide rules on packaging. The aim of these rules is mainly to solve the problem of growing waste. Packaging is one of the main areas where originating materials […]

28. 11. 2022

Eco-modulation in the legislative process – current status

Following the announced changes in the record-keeping of packaging and non-packaging products placed on the market in connection with eco-modulation, which will take place from 1 January 2023, please allow us to inform you about the current situation. The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic has submitted an amendment to Decree No. 371/2015 Coll., […]