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ASEKOL SK s.r.o., is an authorized producer responsibility organization (PRO) for treating designated streams of waste from packaging, non-packaging products, electric and electronic equipment, and used batteries and accumulators. It has been providing comprehensive services in the area of waste management for over 11 years.

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11 315 TONNES
ASEKOL SK collected 11 315 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment waste in 2021.
Red and white containers for the collection of small electrical waste are already used by more than 15% of the population of Slovakia.
ASEKOL SK has more than 3 650 collection points all around the Slovak Republic and the number continues to rise.
ASEKOL SK is represented in executive bodies and the experts group of the international organization WEEELABEX.

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28. 11. 2022

Eco-modulation in the legislative process – current status

Following the announced changes in the record-keeping of packaging and non-packaging products placed on the market in connection with eco-modulation, which will take place from 1 January 2023, please allow us to inform you about the current situation. The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic has submitted an amendment to Decree No. 371/2015 Coll., […]

The Second Chance project helps people in need and cares for cleaner surroundings

For more than two months now, in the streets of Bratislava’s Old Town district, there have been so-called hoops on the rubbish bins for depositing backed-up beverage packages, which a visitor to the Old Town would otherwise throw in the bin without returning such a package, i.e. a bottle or beverage can, to the back-up […]

21. 10. 2022

Ecomodulation and change of registration of packaging placed on the market

Ecomodulation is the obligation to adjust the financial means paid by the manufacturer of a reserved product to take account in particular of their durability, reparability, reusability, recyclability and the presence of hazardous substances, i.e. to be ecomodulated. This obligation is based on Article 8a(4)(b) of Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the […]

With our help, CSS VITA VITALIS in Prešov is already sorting waste

ASEKOL SK is convinced that everyone should have the opportunity to sort waste and thus contribute to the preservation of natural resources and the prevention of waste pollution.  People with disabilities are no exception, and with the right instruction or help of games they can acquire the skills that will enable them to participate in […]