Obligations of producers

Producers are obliged to be registered with the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic in general, with the Register of Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment in particular before placing EEE on the market.

Concurrently they must comply with the following obligations:

in placing EEE on the market:

  • register with the Recycling Fund
  • ensure that the EEE is designed and produced to facilitate disassembly and reuse
  • ensure marking of EEE before placing on the market
  • provide information for distributors, users and processors
  • keep records and report data to the competent authorities and to the Recycling Fund.

in ensuring take-back and separate collection:

  • ensure and finance take-back and separate collection of WEEE from private households and from other users than private households (dual use)
  • meet limits for collection, recovery, reuse and recycling of components and materials of WEEE
  • ensure handling of arose WEEE including operating at least one collection facility per district of the Slovak Republic
  • keep records and report data to the competent authorities in required intervals.

Through its compliance scheme, ASEKOL SK provides for compliance with all of producers’ take-back and separate collection obligations.