We at ASEKOL SK s.r.o. have a certified integrated management system connecting the requirements of individual standards:

ISO 9001 Quality management system

ISO 14001 Environmental management system

OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety management system

Quality management system helps us meet client requirements and expectations. Careful compliance with the set rules and procedures, appointing persons responsible for individual activities, regular trainings for employees and suppliers, collecting feedback from customers, quick response to their inquiries and requests, this all helps constantly enhance the quality of services we supply.

Within the environmental management system we deal with the impact of waste from our business on the environment. We separate waste, perform activities aimed at constant decreasing of consumption of electric or thermal energy. We consistently comply with all legislative requirements. We guide not only our employees but also suppliers towards responsible behaviour in relation to the environment.

Thanks to the occupational health and safety management system we create a pleasant and safe work environment for our employees. With effective prevention we try to prevent any occupational injuries or diseases from occurring.