Complete information for our clients

ASEKOL SK guarantees compliance with statutory regulations laid down in act No. 223/2001 coll. on waste, as later amended, to its members, producers/importers of electrical appliances and producers/importers of accumulators and batteries.

We guarantee

  • compliance with reporting and recording duties and other regulations for producers/importers (Ministry of the Environment, Recycling Fund, Regional Environmental Department)

  • compliance with statutory limits for electric waste collection and recycling including batteries and accumulators

  • individual treatment and top service

Our offer

  • compliance with regulations applying to the producers of electrical appliances, accumulators and batteries in accordance with sections 6 and 8 of the waste act

  • comprehensive administration support (registration, notification of changes), preparation and sending of the notification to the respective institute (Ministry of the Environment, Recycling Fund, Regional Environmental Department)

  • electronic waste management agenda in a single location for all commodities (electric waste, batteries, packaging) through an IS (on-line reporting)

  • membership in a transparent and stable collective scheme, right to a discount on recycling fees amounting to 5% for both countries in case of registration in collective scheme  ASEKOL SK and in ASEKOL (CZ)

  • fair and transparent invoicing system for recycling fees (payment of recycling fee for the past quarter)

  • free selection of collecting containers for used batteries, accumulators and electric waste:  E-Box, B-Box, Tube Box, Eco centre, cage container, E-house

  • fast collection of used batteries, accumulators and electric waste free of charge across Slovakia

  • special reward as part of our cooperation with the collection of electric waste and used batteries and accumulators

  • expert advise and assistance in matters related with applicable waste management legislation, legal monitoring

  • seminars for experts and help-desk

  • internal audit (reporting settings and control)

  • environmental marketing support 

ASEKOL SK is your professional partner for all industry matters related to electronic and electrical appliances, batteries, accumulators and packaging.