Refunding is an obligation to deduct any recycling contributions paid by a producer for performance of reserved obligations for quantities of electronic equipment with regard to which the producer will prove cross-border transport to another Member State or export to a non-member country.

In order to be eligible for refunding of contributions for exported electronic equipment, you must cumulatively meet the following conditions:

  • Contributions for exported electronic equipment have been paid to ASEKOL SK (PRO).

  • Contributions for exported electronic equipment are separately and clearly stated in all supplier invoices.

  • The producer/importer who has produced/imported the electronic equipment has granted written consent to the refunding of paid contributions.

  • If the applicant is an electronic equipment importer/producer, they also need to have a contract on performance of reserved obligations of an electronic equipment producer concluded with ASEKOL SK (PRO).

If the producer/importer has imported or produced electronic equipment and subsequently exported it abroad and has reported such electronic equipment in their quarterly statement in the “Exported out of SR” item, the electronic equipment is not subject to the recycling contribution, therefore it is not possible to ask for a refund for such electronic equipment.

Refunding procedure:

  1. Contact the Business Department by e-mail: [email protected]
  2. Agree with the Contribution Refunding Rules
  3. Submit a full application for a refund
  4. Undergo an audit based on the submitted application
  5. Recycling contributions are refunded

For more information please contact the Sales Department.