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The purpose of the cookies on our website is to enhance the possibilities for using the website by our customers. ASEKOL PL respects the protection of your privacy. Therefore you will find here a description of the used cookie files, as well as the information on how to disable cookies and their storage in your computer, and what impacts this will have for you as the user of our website.

Enabling/Blocking all cookies.

By changing the settings of your browser, you may accept or refuse the cookies.
However, if cookies are disabled, you will not be able to use all interactive elements of our website. Most of new web browsers offer an option to check stored cookies by means of the browser settings. The settings of individual browsers are different.

For example, if you use Google Chrome, please proceed as follows:

  • Choose “Settings“ in the Menu
  • In the Settings go down and click on “Display Advanced Settings…”
  • In the section “Privacy Protection”, click on “Content Settings”
  • A window which includes the section for setting Cookie Files will be displayed
  • Choose the browser settings that will be best for you
  • If you wish to delete any or all cookie files, click on “All cookie files and web data…”
  • Another window will open in which you can delete the cookies. By clicking on “Delete All”, you will delete all cookies.
  • Click on “Done” and then “Done” again.
  • Now you can close the settings card.

If you use a different browser, follow the instructions in the Help of your browser, or other instructions for deleting cookies.

Disabling cookies may affect displaying some elements or functions of this website.

If you need further information about cookie
files or wish to know what cookies are stored in your computer and how to manage and delete them, please visit the following website

Details about cookies:

The details about cookies provided on this page are based on the cookie categories that you will find in the manual of the International Chamber of Commerce, under which cookies are divided into the following categories -Strictly Necessary, Performance, Functionality or Targeting cookies.

Detail description of individual cookie categories:

Strictly Necessary Cookies (Type 1) – basic cookies that are necessary so that our website could fulfil its basic functions. These cookie files enable navigation on the website and use of some elements required by you, such as access to the website secured areas. Without these cookies, we would not be able provide the services enabling the website operation.

Performance Cookies (Type 2) – cookies relating to performance, collecting anonymous information about the way in which the visitors use our website. These cookies show us how the interaction between visitors and our website is carried out, because they provide us with the information on visited areas, time spent on the website and occurrence of any problems, such as error messages. This information helps us improve the performance of our website. These cookies cannot collect information on the user activities on other websites.

Functionality Cookies (Type 3) – these cookies enable us to enhance the comfort and efficiency of the website and enable various functions. In Functionality Cookies, language settings may be saved.

Targeting Cookies (Type 4) – these cookies are used to display adverts that are relevant for the user and his/her interests. These cookies may also be used to store and measure the efficiency of advertising campaigns which the customer could see while visiting a specific website. Thanks to these functions, it is also possible to communicate with potential advertisers better.

Right to Information

If you have any questions or requests regarding these rules, please contacts us at the following address:

ASEKOL SK s.r.o.
Lamačská cesta 45, 841 03 Bratislava
Telephone: (+421) 2 3211 8800
E-mail: [email protected]

These contact details may also be used if you wish that the information which was collected about you through the website would be displayed, rectified, blocked or deleted.