Regulation proposal about Ecodesign

30. 5. 2024

In May 2023, the Council of the EU adopted a position on a proposal for a regulation setting ecodesign requirements for sustainable products.

The issue of Ecodesing needs to be addressed at the very inception of products, when they are designed. The Ecodesign Regulation should ensure that products sold in the EU are truly sustainable, fit for purpose and ready for the green transition.

On 5th of December 2023, EU Council and Parliament reached preliminary Agreement on Regulation proposal, where the requirements for ecodesign of sustainable products should be held.

The new Regulation will replace the existing Directive from 2009 and extend the scope to establish environmentally suistanable requirements for all goods entering the EU market.

Which products will be covered in Ecodesing Regulation?

Ecodesign Regulation will apply to almost all product categories and will set requirements for specific product groups so that all products are energy and resource efficient, but must be more durable, reliable, repairable, reusable, recyclable and sustainable. The regulation also lays down rules on transparency and a ban on the destruction of certain unsold consumer goods.

Products will be equipped with a new “digital passport” which will contain information on the environmental sustainability of products, provide information for both businesses and consumers and allow public authorities to carry out checks more effectively. The proposal also includes provisions towards transparency and to prevent the disposal of unsold products.

Source: CANVA


The Commission shall be empowered to adopt, by means of delegated acts, ecodesign requirements for products in order to improve their environmental sustainability. After the adoption of the delegated act, national administrations will have 18 months to adapt to the new ecodesign requirements.


The Preliminary Agreement sets out certain criteria for sanctions in case of non-compliance with ecodesign requirements, but it will be for the competent authorities of the Member States to determine which sanctions should be imposed in the case of non-compliance.

Next steps

The Preliminary Agreement between EU Parliament and the Cousil must be approved and formally held by both institutions.

The full meaning of Regulation proposal find here.