B-BOX is a collecting container for the interior of public institutes, businesses, shops and similar premises. The types of batteries placed into B-Box include alcaline batteries, lithium batteries from mobile phones, round batteries from calculators, etc.

  • Application: in building interior

  • Material: hard paper cardboard

  • Dimensions: 25 × 24 × 38 cm

  • Volume: 23 litres

What goes into B-Box?

  • used batteries and accumulators (e.g. alcaline batteries, lithium batteries, round batteries, etc.)


  • free B-Box delivery based on a concluded contract
  • free collection

B-Box instalation conditions:

  • valid cooperation contract for collection of used portable batteries

Collection of a full B-Box:

When a full B-Box is collected, an empty one is brought to replace it. When a B-Box is full or after a collection order has been placed, the B-Box needs to be closed on the top and sealed with adhesive tape.