The Government of the Slovak Republic passed the Act on Waste amendment, further amendments will be discussed by the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

23. 6. 2021

The amendment submitted by the Ministry of the Environment (MoE) of the Slovak Republic responds to the problems in application practice, especially in the field of municipal waste management.

An overview of the most important proposed changes:

  • The date of termination of the contract between the producer and OZV was changed,
  • Incineration of waste that can be recovered by other means is prohibited,
  • Recovery of waste for material is preferred to incineration,
  • It is prohibited to recover waste for energy if such waste can be recovered for material (recycled) in an available facility,
  • Landfilling of biodegradable waste from wholesale, retail and distribution is prohibited. Landfilling of such food waste is proposed from 1 January 2023.

The draft amendment affects indirectly the law on the deposit for disposable beverage containers. The amendment would introduce an obligation to distribute also drinks of the same type in reusable packaging.