Slovak schools with RECYKLOHRY collected old mobile phones, textiles and cleaned their surroundings from waste

31. 8. 2023

During the school year 2022/2023, 39 new schools signed up to Recyklohry, the environmental education programme of the producer responsibility organization ASEKOL SK, and Recyklohry recorded a total of 1,318 registered schools across Slovakia.

The aim of the non-profit organization RECYKLOHRY is to educate pupils in schools through the creation of environmentally oriented tasks. This school year, pupils were educated on the topics of e-waste, textile waste and, last but not least, the importance of eliminating littering (loose waste) in the neighbourhood.

The school year of Recyklohry started with the cooperation with Orange Slovensko. For the third time, the collection of old mobile phones was announced in Slovak schools. 249 schools took part in the task and as a result 24 506 old mobile phones were collected. A total of 255 prizes were awarded to pupils, coordinators and the schools themselves for their diligence, including a EUR 1,000 prize for green eco ideas for the schools with the most collected mobile phones.

Alongside the collection of old mobile phones, a task was announced to focus on data security when handing in a mobile phone. Pupils prepared a procedure on how to prepare their mobile phone for handing it in so as not to jeopardise the security of the data they had stored on the phone.

In cooperation with Ekocharita, the task of upcycling old textiles was created for schools. The pupils had to create a reusable item from old textiles. “Schools sent us beautiful things made from old textiles, which were sometimes hard to believe that they were made from things destined to be thrown away,” said Recyclohry project manager, Alena Magyarics. Due to the great success, the theme of textile waste was continued in the form of collecting old unwanted clothes, old bed linen or other textiles. A total of 159 participating schools collected 69 176 kg of textiles during the month of February. “The collection had a very good response and we have decided to continue this task in the future,” added Magyarics.

Cleaning up the surroundings of the school or another location of loose waste was part of a task created in cooperation with the company Fusakle under the title “Spring Cleaning with Fusakle!”. The challenge took place symbolically during the month of April on the occasion of International Earth Day, which is celebrated on 22 April. 150 participating schools successfully cleaned up their surroundings.

Throughout the school year, pupils, parents and teachers could also collect e-waste. The total amount of e-waste collected in the schools participating in the Recyklohry was 131 296 kg, which means that the pupils saved 12 705 l of water, which is enough for about 210 showers, 155 920 l of oil, which is enough for a journey of 2 834 909 km in a normal car, 31 729 kg of raw materials and 2 166 MWh of electricity, which is enough to keep 10 light bulbs lit 24 hours a day for 417 years.

For the school year 2022/2023, Recyclohry gave away some interesting prizes in the form of tablets, books or shopping vouchers to the best schools, the best pupils and the coordinators were also rewarded. In addition to the prizes, 739,003 „recycling points“ and rewards of €28,633 were given out during the school year.