Recycle your old cell phone and win a tablet

7. 11. 2018

RecycleGames – the largest educational program to support the collection and recycling of electrical waste and batteries in Slovakia arrived to the new school year with a new partner - Orange Slovensko - and a special SMS competition – “Starý Mobil Sem” (Bring your old cell phone).

RecycleGames is the largest school environmental program involving 12 31 schools. The aim of this program is to inform students about the importance of sorting and recycling waste and provide them with a personal experience with the collection of small electrical waste and used batteries. The school year of 2018/2019 is the eighth year of existence and functioning of this project in Slovakia.

In the previous and very successful school year (2017/18) all of the participating schools managed to collect 89,610 kg of waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment, 16,328 kg of used batteries and 6,600 kg of used toners.

A new element for the school year of 2018/19 is our new partner of the project Orange Slovensko, with whom the RecycleGames prepared a special competition called SMS -“Starý Mobil Sem” (Bring your old cell phone) , aimed at collecting old cell phones. Every Slovak household still has quite a lot of old cell phones. By recycling these we can save a lot of primary raw materials. For example, by recycling 100 pieces of cell phones, we can save up to 25 litres of oil or 2 340 litres of water. This is why there is a special reward of 40 tablets awaiting the participants in this competition.

Students and schools are joining the RecycleGames through an online registration to receive special waste collection containers for small electronic waste, used batteries and used toners that the project partner producer responsibility organisation ASEKOL SK will provide to the schools free of charge and the same organization will also ensure transfer and subsequent recycling. For each kilogram of collected waste, the schools receive points that they subsequently exchange for real rewards from a special catalogue.

Premium points are awarded to schools for solving any announced environmental knowledge and recycling of waste tasks. In the last school year 1,021 schools were involved in these tasks.

Partners of the project: