Proposal for EU regulation for batteries and waste batteries approved – recycling, collection and collection targets

20. 12. 2023

The Regulation on batteries and waste batteries contains a number of important changes. One of these changes is the introduction of stricter recycling requirements, collection and collection targets for batteries and accumulators.

The Regulation provides that the producer of portable batteries or, where applicable, a producer responsibility organization (hereinafter referred to as PRO) acting on his behalf shall ensure that all used, i.e. waste portable batteries, LMT batteries and waste SLI batteries and industrial and electric vehicle batteries, regardless of their nature, chemical composition, condition, make or origin, are collected separately in the territory of the Member State in which they are first made available on the market.

For that purpose they shall:

  1. establish a waste portable battery take-back and collection system;,
  2. offer the collection of waste portable batteries, free of charge and provide for the collection of waste portable batteries,
  3. provide for the necessary practical arrangements for collection and transport of waste portable batteries, including the provision, free of charge, of suitable collection and transport containers,
  4. ensure that the collected batteries from the take-back are subsequently treated in an authorised waste management facility.

Producers of portable batteries or producer responsibility organizations, shall attain, and maintain durably,  the following collection targets for waste portable batteries:

  1. 45% by 31 december 2023
  2. 63% by 31 december 2027
  3. 73% by 31 december 2030

Producers of LMT batteries or producer responsibility organizations, shall attain, and maintain durably, the following collection targets of waste LMT batteries:

  1. 51% by 31 december 2028
  2. 61% by 31 december 2031

The methodology for calculating the collection rate is set out in Annex XI.

The arrangements for the take-back of waste SLI batteries, waste industrial batteries and waste batteries for electric vehicles shall cover the whole territory of the Member State, taking into account the size and density of the population.

Recycling and materials recovery targets

Operators of recycling facilities shall ensure that recycling achieves the recycling targets set out in Part B of Annex XII and the material recovery targets set out in Part C of Annex XII.

On 18 February 2025, the Commission shall adopt a delegated act supplementing this Regulation by laying down the methodology for calculating and verifying the recycling rate and the recovery of materials in accordance with Part A of Annex XII. Thereafter, the Commission shall, from 18 August 2026, assess and evaluate every 5 years the recycling efficiency and the target material recoveries in the light of the evolution of batteries on the market.

The European Council formally approved the text of the Regulation and its publication in the Official Journal of the EU took place on 28.7.2023, which means that the Regulation enters into force on 17.8.2023 and the individual provisions will enter into force gradually.

A timetable of the individual obligations set out in the new regulation, which will come into force gradually, is being prepared.

The text of the regulation approved by the Parliament can be found here.