New classification of batteries and accumulators

6. 3. 2024

The Batteries and Waste Batteries Regulation provides for the classification of batteries into 5 categories. Below we offer you a visual overview of each category.

Portable batteries ≤5 kg (PB)

PBPortable batteries, all portable batteries
PB General / PB GENPortable batteries for general use
PB Primary / PB PRIMNon-rechargeable portable batteries
PB Secondary / PB RECHRechargeable portable batteries

Starter batteries

START / SLIStarting, lighting and ignition batteries

Industrial Batteries (IB)

IBIndustrial batteries, all Industrial batteries
IB SBSStationary battery energy storage system
IB nad 2 kWhIndustrial batteries with a capacity higher than 2 kWh
IB RECHRechargeable industrial batteries
IB RECH OUTRechargeable industrial batteries with exclusively external storage

Light Vehicle Batteries (LMT)

LMTLight means of transport batteries

Electric vehicle (EV) batteries

EVElectric vehicle (EV) batteries

Further information on the classification of batteries can be found here.