New chance for waste photovoltaic panels

26. 3. 2024

A member of the ASEKOL Group, Technoworld a.s., a WEEE labex certified company, is one of the major solar panel processors in the Czech Republic. Technoworld a.s. has recently purchased a new Japanese innovative technology for recycling solar panels.

The main advantage of this new technology is that it can remove the glass from the panels without integrity´s interruption, which means, to peel the glass off the panel.  This is the so-called ‘hot knife’ method.

The company Technoworld a.s.,  is the second company in the world, for which the Japanese manufacturer has released the new technology.

This technology is unique in significantly increasing purity of all output groups, especially glass, thus improve the sales opportunities of glass as a secondary raw material because the glass is not contaminated with lead, as happens in milling or panel crushing. Thanks to the new technology, it will not be a problem to meet the legal requirements for panel recycling, which was not easy with methods based on panel crushing.

The new technology will primarily be used by the collective systems of the ASEKOL Group. Excess capacity will then be offered on a market basis to other entities. This revolutionary technology will be launched this year and will mark a major change in the solar panel recycling market.