Legislative proposal for a regulation for batteries and waste batteries – labelling

3. 7. 2023

On Wednesday (14 June), Parliament approved new rules for the production and management of waste batteries. The text of the regulation approved by Parliament can be found here.

The proposed draft regulation on batteries contains a number of changes, which we present to you in turn (more on the changes here). One of the important changes from the manufacturers’ point of view is the labelling, i.e. the new labelling of batteries.

Under the draft regulation for batteries and waste batteries, new labelling requirements are set for batteries placed on the market. The labelling of batteries should include general information on the battery label. This includes the following information:

  1. information identifying the manufacturer
  2. the battery category and information identifying the battery
  3. the place of manufacture (geographical location of a battery manufacturing plant)
  4. the date of manufacture (month and year)
  5. the weight
  6. the capacity
  7. the chemistry
  8. the hazardous substances present in the battery, other than mercury, cadmium or lead
  9. usable extinguishing agent
  10. critical raw materials present in the battery in a concentration of more than 0,1 % weight by weight

The next steps:

Following the vote, the European Council will need to formally approve the text of the regulation before its publication in the Official Journal of the EU and before its entry into force, which will take place 20 days after publication.

We will provide further information on the new rules contained in the proposal for a Batteries and Waste Batteries Regulation in due course.