25. 8. 2021

The return of empty plastic bottles and beverage cans made of metal will start in early 2022. The administrator of the return system anticipates that the recycling rate of plastic bottles and beverage cans will increase from the current 60% to 90% by 2025. It would comply with the goals established by the European Union framework four years in advance. The fee for returned plastic bottles and cans is 15 cents.

All single-use beverage cans and bottles with a volume of 0.1-3 litres will be collected to be returned from January 2022

  • plastic bottles (PET, HDPE, PP)
  • cans (aluminium, iron)

The distributor of bottles and beverage cans is obliged to provide a collection site, if its sales area exceeds 300 m2. The administrator of the return system plans to extend this program to shops with an area of <300m2.

Beverages under this Act shall mean “liquid refreshments which contain more than 80%water and comply with the physiological function of water, except for milk”.

Bottles and cans of sweetened sparkling and non-sparkling beverages, mineral water, spring water, baby water, flavoured water, fruit juices, nectars, fruit drinks, ice teas, sport drinks, energy drinks, beer, cider, perry, non-alcoholic radler drinks and fruit wine will be returned.

Single-use bottles and beverage cans subject to obligations under § 3 (1) which do not comply with the requirements under Act No. 302/2019 Coll. can be marketed until December 31, 2021 or distributed until June 30, 2022, in the so-called transition period.