European Battery Recycling Week

3. 9. 2018

Producer responsibility organisation ASEKOL SK, a member of the European Association EUCOBAT, is pleased to invite you to the European Week of Battery Recycling in Bratislava.

5. 9. 2018 in Polus City Centre,

6. 9. 2018 in EUROVEA Gallery and

7. 9. 2018 in Bory Mall

we will be happy to welcome you at the ECOcheese stand, where you will be able to compete in games and competition of sorting and recycling waste, especially batteries.

Children will have the opportunity to participate in interesting competitions and adult visitors will be invited to ask questions and discuss with experts about the importance of sorting and recycling waste.

Everyone will be treated with a reward in the form of various promotional items and trivia.

Announcement of the European Week of Battery Recycling by European association of national collection schemes for batteries Eucobat on the first week of September was symbolic, as on September 9, 1737, the famous Italian physician and physicist Luigi Galvani was born. He became famous for his experiments with the so-called animal electricity. His exploration led his contemporary and opponent Allesandro Volta to the construction of the first galvanic cell, the principle of which became the basic design element of all electric batteries and accumulators.

The aim of the European Battery Recycling Week is to raise the awareness of the European public about the need to sort and recycle used batteries.