ASEKOL SK, partner for packaging and non-packaging products

18. 10. 2019

ASEKOL SK, a producer responsibility organization, has been authorized for the ´packaging and non-packaging products´ specified stream and so, from 2020, it will offer complex extended producer responsibility to producers and it will become a comprehensive partner for separate waste collection for towns and municipalities.

Since its establishment in 2010, ASEKOL SK has been one of the most important producer responsibility organisations for electronic equipment (EEE) and batteries and accumulators (BA). It has the largest collection network which also includes a unique system of red-and-white containers for collecting waste EEE from citizens.

“We aim to be a comprehensive system for extended producer responsibility and thus to become an important part of the transition to a circular economy, which will represent the greatest challenge for the forthcoming period,” says Ronald Blaho, ASEKOL SK´s executive officer.

“By extending our offer by the ´packaging and non-packing products´ specified stream, we will make it simpler for producers to comply with all their duties resulting from extended responsibility. They may rely on one partner who is familiar with the comprehensive and constantly changing legislation and who will always tell them what they should prepare for, so they may focus on the core of their business,” he adds.

Towns and municipalities know ASEKOL SK and they know that it is a reliable partner for WEEE and batteries. From now on it will also be their partner for paper, plastics, glass, drink cardboards and metal packaging.